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I agree that the Math Glossary is similar in style to a portal (I do like the idea of Brent Simpson's portals -- not sure how to handle the biology content).

I'm suggesting creating a category for just the Math Glossary, because currently all of the MathGloss pages are included in Category:Glossary and Category:Mathematics. As it is the math gloss pages are overrunning these categories, and these pages are only going to get more numerous. Seemed like creating a subcategory for the Math Glossary would be a good thing.

The main page of the glossary can be more of a portal (if we'd like), I'm interested in creating a specific category for the subpages.

ASnieckus (talk)06:14, 4 November 2009
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You may want to check the change that I am making to my page . The section at the bottom of the page is the direction I am going for the whole page. Live links to supporting information have been set up for the first entries in the Subect and Grade level sections.

Jim Kelly

Jkelly952 (talk)08:58, 5 November 2009


Nice looking portal. Portals are wonderful ways to help users browse the available content. I'm hopeful that WE will have many and varied portals to match the many unique perspectives of the WE membership.


ASnieckus (talk)04:21, 8 November 2009