Building a reflective portfolio

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   * Started using blogs in the classroom. (classblogs as bulletin board)
     [provide links and write a narrative on how this was implemented - purpose, reaction 
     (even if not favourable) and results - why blogs as message boards and not as interactive   
     conversation or thoughts- Each tool has its property - use a static message board for 
     messages and a blog as a personal portfolio]

I understood that I wasn't using blogs as I should be in 2007. In august 2007, I decided to start using Ning instead, but it didn't work well on slow internet connections. Since then I haven't been using any technology in the classroom, other than videos, powerpoint or email.

   * Students created roleplays in
     [same thing - describe what the purpose of the roleplays was/pbs encountered/outcomes]
   * There was ocasional use of websites for listening/grammar practice
     [note down links, describe them (what they offer), reaction kids and perceived benefit 
      - or not]


   * Classblogs as bulletin boards.(again - why blogs as message boards? top down teacher talk?]
     Well, these were my first steps into this!! I now know better.
   * Continued using for roleplays.
   * Students created videos, but students requested that they were not uploaded to the internet.
     [why..any reason -- good reflection there]
   * students used voicethread, created their own blogs 
     [links? progression? what did you notice?
     is it possibile to follow the development of individual stds? 
     can you see any patterns emerging? 
     have you reflected together on the experience?]
   * There was ocasional use of websites for listening/grammar practice
   * Tested the use of chat (msn) for language learning.  


   * Decided that I was going to stop using ICT's in the classroom to start a 
     reflection and evaluation.
Bdieu (talk)05:23, 13 August 2008