Breif Overview of 'Catalyst'

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   With more and more students taking online courses 'Catalyst' serves as a helping hand for both students and faculty. Within 'Catalyst' students can participate in discussions with his/her peers as well as the instructors, in real time.
   In the top left section of the page, there is a ‘Course Calendar’ which points outs what assignments are due on what day and time.  Right underneath the ‘Course Calendar’ is the ‘Course Menu’. In this section all the chapters that are going to be covered are listed. If you click on the [+] next to the chapter, it will drop down a menu which lists everything the students needs to complete within that particular chapter.
   Two very helpful items listed in this drop down menu is the tab labeled ‘Notes’ and ‘Discussions’. The ‘Notes’ tab provides a summary and topic questions which are pertinent to that particular chapter; very useful when reading the chapter. The ‘Discussions’ tab shows the student all the discussions that he/she needs to participate in.
   ‘Catalyst’ is made to aid students keep track of all their assignments (Basic Time Management Skills) and allowing students to participate with his/her peers and faculty. Everyone should take advantage of this remarkable technological feature.
Nelson126 (talk)12:09, 25 July 2008