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We already have the blog feature enabled in Mediawiki. (I use it for my tech blog.) But it doesn't provide nearly as many features as a dedicated blogging tool.

We really want to be able to harvest content from any blog.

  1. Students and teachers may already have their own established blog, and so we want to harvest content from there that is properly tagged for a course.
  2. Pointing other learners at Blogger or Wordpress is a simple way to limit the explanation of "how" and just allow them to quickly get to the course related blogging. There are many other options, but these allow free use and are easy to start using.
JimTittsler (talk)14:25, 6 March 2014

Just to add to Jim's comment, the OERu has a strong preference for Personal Learning Environments where learners use the tools of their choice distributed across the web. We then aggregate the interactions of these distributed tools.

Mackiwg (talk)14:43, 6 March 2014

The reason why I put up this was to provide better collection of blogs of students of a particular course. Currently for assessment one has to go through individual wiki-pages/links of every enrolled student.

Having a mediawiki blog certainly will restrict students.My point was to have a section/template wherein blogs of every student is present for a course(which can be done for every course).

Pravinpatil (talk)08:33, 7 March 2014

Aaah yes -- I see what you mean. Our prototype implementation if the class list & registered blogs could do with some improvement - perhaps the dashboard listing could provide different viewing / listing options, eg class list of registered blogs, a dynamic list of the posts per designated activity etc.

Mackiwg (talk)09:25, 7 March 2014