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Last edit: 11:57, 11 March 2008

Hi Everyone, been going round in circles trying to enter my blog address here!! How do you personalise the link?

Finally found some time to spend here - I feel so inadequate - as every time I tested the blog link it certainly took me to my blog - but also expired this page and I had to go through the entire process again by logging on. Well one of the reasons I am doing this qual is to keep up with the technoloy. Can certainly empathise with my students.

I've been teaching at MIT for the past seven years. Now in the Faculty of Business (we're in the process of being re-strutured). I teach business computing at mainly Level 4 using NZQA Unit Standards. Payroll, MYOB, some advanced WP,management and administration. I also do online marking for the Community Classrooms in Publisher. So I spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

This is my forth paper in the qual. Main reason for doing this is a)really want to become more savvy with computing. b) interested in education and see this as a way of honing my skills - especially on the theoretical side c) know that elearning is the way of the future and hopefully can still earn a living (after all the NZ super scheme going down the gurgler) from my wheel-chair (if the marbles are still intact).

I am originally from Yorkshire, and married a Kiwi - have lived here longer now than in UK. My background prior to teaching was in Finance and Banking. Was a foreign exchange dealer and then money market trader.

Hopefully this week will be less eventful that last - I have finshed teaching evening classes for a few weeks, so anticipate having more time to spend on this course.

Great to meet you all and here is my blog.

Cheers Jennifer

Jweavers (talk)22:33, 9 March 2008

good to meet you on the intros Jennifer. I have personalised your blog link. If yoo click edit under your post, you will see what I did. I added "my blog" at the end of your blog address - my blog.

when adding a web address click the earth ball in the menu (external link) and you will get: link title- replace the words - link title - with the name to which you want to add a hyperlink (website).

Now you have tackled the wiki and got your blog up and running, you deserve a big box of chocs. And you can focus on the content of the course. I admire your perseverance; one person has given up as she did not have the time to grapple with new ways of learning. More and more people are using blogs and wikis to teach now, so you are in the forefront which will give you lots of cred with your students....and keep the debtors from the door when in "retirement". :)

Here's the thing. I will be summarizing and linking to others' blog posts on the course blog so use that as a guide if you feel overwhelmed - until you get in the swing of checking others' blogs. all participants' blogs are linked from the course blog. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)12:07, 11 March 2008