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Dear Tony and Unisa development team.

I'm very impressed with the course design and structure of the Critical reasoning course. This is an exemplar of activity based learning for ODL. The course will migrate exceptionally well for the OERu delivery model. My compliments to the Unisa team :-)

The investment in time and effort in the design blueprint, content outline, evaluation of existing OERs and representative sample of materials will pay back huge dividends in refining the course in the wiki. I have set up a course portal in WikiEducator for the Critical reasoning course.

I few initial questions / thoughts etc.

  • The Unisa pdf resources are excellent - and will be of huge benefit for learners who do not have affordable or regular internet access. The difficulty with pdfs is that these are not ideal for editing and hard to maintain. Moreover, they restrict options for delivery across multiple platforms. I recommend that we convert these into wiki format.
  • Having the resources in wiki format will enable a parallel eLearning version for Unisa students using your local LMS.
  • I assume you have digital versions of the pdf resources produced by Unisa. This will greatly assist in converting the materials for the wiki.
  • We will need to review the copyright of all the images contained in the guides. If we can't clear copyright under CC-BY, we should be able to find substitute images.
  • I like the inclusion of the quiz activities in the Unisa pdfs - -these can easily be converted into wiki format with online feedback.
  • I also like the resource you have prepared for learners intending to request assessment services from Unisa - -this is a valuable addition to the OERu model and I have already incorporated this into a recommendation for inclusion into the styleguide for the OERu Course guide.

I think the next steps are:

  • To populate the Critical Reasoning Course guide in the wiki.
  • To convert the the first Topic of the course into wiki format to help us refine and perfect the design.

What do you think?

Mackiwg (talk)17:54, 1 June 2012

 Dear Wayne

Thank you very much for the comments and inputs. This will be of great help. the course portal also looks great. It will really help us to move forward. 

Kind Regards


Liz Archer (talk)01:10, 2 June 2012