Agricultural Practices by Climate Zones

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On Oct 19, 11:43 am, "Helena Mill" <> wrote:

Hi Everyone 

> I've just been looking through my son's geography textbook much of the > information I guess is already out of date. It would seem to me that with a > wiki lesson, a geography resource that was a result of a collaboration > between educators would produce a much richer and up-to-date resource. The > resource could have the potential to connect the teachers and learners from > other locations directly with experts in countries being studied.

> Helena

On the same line we can extend it to 'Agricultural Practices by Climate Zones'. Agriculturists from a similar climate can contribute to one wiki book on the different ways of planting crops/vegetables. This will evolve over time (after much haggling) to create the best way/practice to plant one particular crop/vegetable for that particular climate zone.



Ptauriki (talk)19:04, 19 October 2007