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I would like to say you that the revolver map widget to visitors on your page is just the same I'm using on my page because I added it on sept 29 and it can only show the visitors on my page because I have added the URL to my page there.If you go there you won't be able to update the map with the URL of your page. If you wish to see the exact number of visitors to your page ,you should add the URL to your page,because you haven't added your page there .You can use the style I have used but using the same data will not be relevant .I would like to provide my assistance if any for further clarification . Thank you Balqis Thaahaveettil

Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)22:14, 22 April 2012
  Balqis Thaahaveetti ji
                      It is my great pleasure  that your goodness has spared time for me for sharing valuable information.I am very much thankful to you . Your user page  has attracted me. My Desire to learn from you  has stimulated. I am afraid how could you spare your  time from you busy life for people like me . I am  trying  to adding my page as per stated steps  but plan does not work . Is it like  adding external link?



Harbns (talk)19:32, 23 April 2012

Hello Harbanji ,

First let me thank you for your kind words and tell you that there is no need to call me ji because my age is nearly half your age :) It is an external link.Hopefully ,I would like to help you once you have signed up there.I am here to help you whenever and whatever way I can .

Best Regards

Your Wiki Neighbour


Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)00:44, 24 April 2012