Adding LQT preference to the Wiki Tutorials

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Should the tutorials be updated to reflect this?

Also, when it is "stable", should a notice go out to the list(s), to suggest that folks activate the Gadget, in their Preferences

And... does the original creator of the page, get this notification? What about the other editors of this page...?

- Randy Fisher 22:05, 6 November 2010 (UTC)

Wikirandy (talk)11:05, 7 November 2010

I encourage everyone to have the Add pages I create to my watchlist and Add pages I edit to my watchlist preferences enabled. If the "parent" page of the talk page is watched, then the creator and editors will get email for LQT threads. If they are no longer interested, they have the option of unwatching the page.

JimTittsler (talk)12:53, 7 November 2010

I put watch page, for the page that incorporates the discussion page. I wonder if that will work.

- Randy

Wikirandy (talk)10:33, 8 November 2010