Adding Collbaroative Videos to your Wiki

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My name is Avigail Perl and I work with all our Wiki partners here at Kaltura. As you may have heard, through a partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation, Kaltura has developed a collaborative video extension to the MediaWiki software. (

What this means is that ANY site using MediaWiki software can add the Kaltura collaborative video extension to its wiki easily and quickly today, by adding the software extension that is available for download. Looking at your Wiki I thought you might be interested in adding our new collaborative video extension. With this capability, any of your users can add images, videos and sounds to the collaborative videos created, or edit them using the full-featured online video editor (with full history and versioning similar to the text-wiki).

In order to add this collaborative video extension to you site, all you need to do is:

1. Apply for a Partner ID here:

2. Download the Kaltura MediaWiki extension here:

3. Add the extension to your site

I’d love to discuss this in more detail, answer any questions and help move this forward.

Thank you,


Avigail Perl (talk)01:26, 8 February 2008