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About Me

My Sibilings
My Dog, Kimba

My name is Avigail Perl, 24. Born and raised in Israel, then at 15 moved to the United States (California). Lived in the Bay Area for nearly 10 years and only moved back to Tel Aviv, Israel a few months ago.

I work as a Marketing Manager at Kaltura Inc. and loving every minute of it. On my free time, I like to hit the gym, eat out, hang out with friends and family (in particular with my Brother and niece), go out to Bars/Clubs and shop...

Other interests include politics, art (painting/drawing), fashion, history and current events...

The things I value most in life is my family, my past and my future… That's about it…

Favorite Quotes

"Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken"

"Evil prevails when good men fail to act"

Education Info

Grad School: Working on that...

College: UCSC '06, BA in International Politics (Santa Cruz, California)

High School: Henry M. Gunn High School '01 (Palo Alto, California)


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