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Hi! How are you? Your user page is very attractive. IGNOU-STRIDE gives us this unique opportunity to know how to use wikieducator.In the era of ICT, we should use ICT for education. The mass education is our dream, it is only possible if we use ICT effectively. No doubt, this training will equip us.

Anirban (talk)20:13, 14 August 2008

Hi Anirban, Thank you very much for the complements. In fact I had made some changes in your user page also .How did you like it.I hope you are enjoying the workshop.I look forward for keeing in touch with you.UMESH PANDEY

Ucpandey (talk)20:23, 14 August 2008

Hallo Umesh, thank you for your reply. I hope we will learn more towards the end and at last we shall be expert in this area.

Anirban (talk)22:50, 14 August 2008