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I am only happy to help you. I am pasting below my reply for your query on my talk page

can you please tell

1.how many pictures can we add? 2.how many voice cuts can we add(what is the maximum capacity) 3.what is the word limit

Nisansala (Talk | contribs)04:40, 8 April 2008 Edit History Permalink Reply

Hi Nisansala,

There is no limit regards to the number of pictures you can upload. But users are supposed to be self regulated by community guidelines to ensure whether an upload is necessary or they can use the existing images on WikiEd. I hope, following general guidelines will be helpful in this regard

Search WikiEdu and ensure that same picture is not available in WE before uploading a new picture. Maximum advisable file size for pictures is 150 KB. It is to avoid difficulties in the user end to download pages. Still system will allow you to ignore the warning and upload bigger ones. In the case of voice cuts also there is no limitation with regards the number. In the case of Voice cuts and video cuts, better we may limit the cuts to 2 to 3 minutes duration for easy download.

In the case of word count, you can add content having large word count; but it has to be understood that too much scrolling of windows will not encourage eLearning. Therefore you have to be concise with necessary details/elaboration while developing eLearning materials. Similarly rather than creating lengthy pages, you can separate sub topics and create new pages for them linked to the original content page. One most important thing that we should keep in mind while adding media items to our eLessons, is that it should be apt and in appropriate place.

I hope it is clear now. Feel free to ask if you have more queries.

Regards Anil

Anil Prasad (talk)16:46, 9 April 2008