A separate landing page for Tutorial 2?

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Hi Peter this is looking great :-)

A thought -- I would recommend a separate landing page for Tutorial 2 -- perhaps something like: Otago Polytechnic/IP Policy/Introduction & objectives

This way we can reduce the amount of text on the landing page of the first tutorial. When both tutorials are completed - -we can cobble together a short high-level page to direct staff to the two tutorials.

Two possible approaches:

  1. We leave the setting the scene text for the high level landing page (when we set this up)
  2. We incorporate the current setting the scene text on the landing page (OER/Introduction & objectives) of tutorial 1 and develop a new intro paragraph for the high-level landing page introducing "Tutorial 1"


I'm impressed with your wiki skills -- you're a wiki natural :-)

Mackiwg (talk)10:39, 30 August 2013