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I am just trying to communicate with others for todays exercise. I am very impressed but what some of my neighbours have done. For example Bee's page, congratulation Bee, now I know where your name came from! My contribution seems so unprofessional in comparison. This however makes me want to try to get it to work. I am really enjoying the challenge. I feel better to read that others are also finding that it takes more than 15 minutes/lesson. Still trying Nadia

Nadia El Borai (talk)00:34, 6 March 2008

Like you Nadia I am trying to catch up with today's (if not yesterday's activity. I think that I am behind. Anyway, you peaked my interest in Bee's page so I will have a look. Thanks for the heads up.


Anna-May Edwards-Henry (talk)09:57, 7 March 2008