A new logo for WE -- thoughts and suggestions

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Here is my two cents worthy contribution.

The logo is the first landmark on the landing pages. It should be both attractive and appealing to the visitor and in harmony with the contents on the banner and the whole page. i.e, Wiki educator pages should have an intuitive interface though currently, we are not concerned with page layout.

Observing colour use will be critical. Some cultures view yellow as 'jealousy' and 'red' as danger or shouting!Perhaps blended colours may calm down these views.

I like the idea of a green chalk board with a wooden frame and the writing in chalk but linked to a globe drawing people from all cultures together. Could somebody show this as a draft graphically? This would draw together all global cultures easily. My culture still uses chalkboard to teach and learn by up 90%.This might be the case throughout 95% of African countries.

Mbasu (talk)22:43, 6 September 2009

Hi Elizabeth

I agree our landing pages should be attractive and appealing to the visitor. Excellent point about colour and interpretations from different cultural perspectives. On this point, irrespective of the colours we choose we should provide explanations on the reasons and meaning of the final logo so that visitors will be clear about the meaning our community attaches to the logo.

As you will see below -- I'm not sure about the chalk board as a universal metaphor for educational futures -- I sense that Wikieducator is contributing to a new future in education, a future where knowledge is freely available for everyone to learn. That said -- I'm not sure how to capture this visually.


Mackiwg (talk)13:14, 7 September 2009