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Hi Everyone, My name is Nwodo Chinenye Mary, am working as a youth development officer in the Federal Ministry Of Youth in Nigeria.Is good to be back in class. Sorry am late

Chichi (talk)02:02, 17 February 2011

Hi Mary! Its never too late you can cath up in the discussions. You are welcome.

Give us the negeria's view on the definition of youth, Dynamism of young people,young people's rights and decent work, and young people's infleunce and power!

Feel free to express your views.

Tandeo2011 (talk)02:15, 17 February 2011

Hi Everyone

Nigeria' view on the definition of youth, a male or female that attain the age of 18:35 and is a time in liffe when young people are going through dramatic change in life circumstance as they move from childhood to adulthood and at that age is also require social economic and political support to realize their full potentials.

Dynamism and young people's influence and power is characterized by energy, enthusiam ambition and creativity, the youth have sub- culture of conformity and non conformity, the youth are the most potential population in any given society, they are also the most objectional and deviaance consumer.

Chichi (talk)02:06, 19 February 2011

Hi Tandeo2011
How about me? I had difficulty with internet access and so I'm very late for some of the classes. What do you what to know about the youth in Ghana? Waiting for your response.

Pkakorsu (talk)08:12, 17 April 2011