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I wrote a long message about my frustrations, but it disappeared. that added to the frustration. I have spent over half an hour just trying to sign in (I didn't want to use Open ID but had to because the new password I was sent didn't work), and I don't understand the symbols used in the section about the signature. I also don't know why I would want to use a signature rather than a link to my user page. No problem with days 1 and 2. Using Open ID changed my email address, which I didn't want as I want ot use my work email. I will go back and try again.

I love the theory behind all this but am having trouble with the preferences page instructions. I will assume that I am not reading enough or not looking at the entire page, but I would like this to be so user friendly that even I could manage without making a mistake--a big order, I know.

Jdamerell (talk)01:34, 22 November 2010

Hello. If there is something that I can help you with, just let me know. I do know that it is always helpful to copy your text before saving your page. Sometimes you can recapture the information by backspacing, but this does not always work. Copying beforehand is always your best bet.

Bnleez (talk)02:27, 22 November 2010