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This is in response to the questions asked under the day 1 contents of the el4c26 workshop. The course material that is written under wikieducator is editable by anyone. Hence the question arises about the quality of the educational resources so developed. Since I have already attended a face to face wikieducator workshop, most of my questions have been answered. As somebody rightly said, we have several eyes watching the pages that are being developed under wikieducator. Any editing which is purposely done to malign somebody or which is done without knowing the concept in detail, I feel will definitely be noticed by someone and it can be rectified. And that someone is from the most active group of the wikieducator family! As far as open authoring is concerned, I have already experienced it. I just typed one page struggling to write the equations, lo and behold! the next day all the equations are in place. This is a nice experience of collaborative content development. and I am confident that if anyone meddles with my page I can always revert back - the important point being to check your page everyday!!!

We may not be able to have a foolproof system of developing resources through wikieducator but we can restrict the registration to only qualified people, taking up respectable positions in academic institutions or industry or related field.

Bvaijayanthi (talk)05:21, 5 May 2009