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Can anybody help me in creating a " Top " template like " previous" & " next " one.In case of lengthy contents which need to be displayed in one page the using of " Top " template seems meaningful instead of dividing the content into more than one page & using " prevnext " template.

Hello Satrupa Try this one out [Here is how to put back and forward arrow.

I am sure this is what u r looking for Dr. Manisha Jain
Satarupa (talk)16:54, 2 September 2010

Hi Manisha, thanks for your answer but perhaps i couldn't put my question rightly as i'm looking for " Top " arrow meaning that clicking which i would reach at top of the page.Hence if i put a long content in a single page, viewer can reach at the top of the page as many times they click on the " top " arrow instead of scrolling up the mouse.

Satarupa (talk)02:52, 5 September 2010