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Activity type Description Time Link
Microblog After watching the video signpost from Frances Ferreira share your thoughts. 3 mins Microblog activity
Microblog Post recommendations and reasons for your preferred license 3 mins Introduction
Microblog Personal reflection on relationship between essential freedoms and license choice. 3 mins The essential freedoms
Video reflection Meet Chris Betcher, an Australian educator and #OCL4Ed participant who removed the Non-commercial restriction from his blog. 10 mins FCW Approved licenses
Discussion forum Debate on whether OER should favour commercial use. 10 mins Debate prep

Google+ forum

Microblog Reflections on realising the vision of free learning for all students worldwide using OER. 5 mins Technology issues
Quiz Mini quiz on open and free file formats. 2 mins Technology issues
Learning reflection Publish a learning reflection on Session 5. 1 hour 3rd Learning reflection
Course evaluation Please complete the short course evaluation survey to help us improve future OCL4Ed workshops. 6 mins Evaluation survey