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What license should I use for open educational resources I create?

Learning pathway: The right license

During Session 5 we will consider recommendations on the choice of license for OER from the perspective of the OER Foundation, a "pro-freedom" educational charity. We will consider the Creative Commons licenses which meet the requirements of the free cultural works definition derived from the "essential freedoms" and why these are important for education. We conclude with technical issues which educators should consider in parallel with the choice of license.

Resources to work through

No. Resource link
1 Video signpost - Frances Ferreira
2 Introduction: Simple is best
3 The essential freedoms
4 The Free Cultural Works definition
5 FCW approved licenses
6 Technology issues

Learning activities

Activity type Description Time Link
Microblog After watching the video signpost from Frances Ferreira share your thoughts. 3 mins Microblog activity
Microblog Post recommendations and reasons for your preferred license 3 mins Introduction
Microblog Personal reflection on relationship between essential freedoms and license choice. 3 mins The essential freedoms
Video reflection Meet Chris Betcher, an Australian educator and #OCL4Ed participant who removed the Non-commercial restriction from his blog. 10 mins FCW Approved licenses
Discussion forum Debate on whether OER should favour commercial use. 10 mins Debate prep

Google+ forum

Microblog Reflections on realising the vision of free learning for all students worldwide using OER. 5 mins Technology issues
Quiz Mini quiz on open and free file formats. 2 mins Technology issues
Learning reflection Publish a learning reflection on Session 5. 1 hour 3rd Learning reflection
Course evaluation Please complete the short course evaluation survey to help us improve future OCL4Ed workshops. 6 mins Evaluation survey