The Cell Test Yourself

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1. Complete the table below:

Requires energy Requires a semi permeable membrane? Is the movement of water molecules only? Molecules move from high to low concentration? Molecules move from low to high concentration?
Diffusion  ?  ?  ? Yes  ?
Osmosis ? ? ? ? ?
Active Transport ? Yes ? ? Yes

2. Red blood cells placed in a 5% salt solution would:

swell/stay the same/ shrink?

3. Red blood cells placed in a 0.9% solution of salt would be in a:

hypotonic/isotonic/hypertonic solution?

4. White blood cells remove foreign bodies like bacteria from the bodyby engulfing them. This process is known as …………………………

5. Match the organelle in the left hand column of the table below with its function in the right hand column.

Organelle Function
a. Nucleus 1. Modifies proteins and fats
b. Mitochondrion 2. Makes, modifies and stores proteins
c. Golgi body 3. Digests worn out organelles
d. Rough endoplasmic reticulum 4. Makes fats
e. Lysosome 5. Controls the activity of the cell
f. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum 6. Produces energy

6. The cell division that causes an organism to grow and repairs tissues is called:

7. The cell division that produces sperm and ova is called:

8. TWO important differences between the two types of cell division named by you above are:


The Cell Test Yourself Answers