The Cell Test Yourself Answers

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Requires energy Requires a semi permeable membrane? Is the movement of water molecules only? Molecules move from high to low concentration? Molecules move from low to high concentration?
Diffusion No No No Yes No
Osmosis No Yes Yes Yes No
Active Transport Yes Yes No No Yes

2. Red blood cells placed in a 5% salt solution would shrink as water flowed out of them into the hypertonic salt solution round them.

3. Red blood cells placed in a 0.9% solution of salt would be in an isotonic solution.

4. White blood cells remove foreign bodies like bacteria from the body by phagocytosis.


Organelle Function
a. Nucleus 5. Controls the activity of the cell
b. Mitochondrion 6. Produces energy
c. Golgi body 1. Modifies proteins and fats
d. Rough endoplasmic reticulum 2. Makes, modifies and stores proteins
e. Lysosome 3. Digests worn out organelles
f. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum 4. Makes fats

6. The cell division that causes an organism to grow and repairs tissues is called mitosis

7. The cell division that produces sperm and ova is called meiosis.

8. Two important differences between mitosis and meiosis are:

a) In mitosis the number of chromosomes in the cells formed is the same as in the original cell. In meiosis the number of chromosomes is halved.
b) In mitosis the cells formed are genetically identical to the original cell. In meiosis they are different.