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This is an experimental template for testing alternatives for embedding links to third party media in accordance with the values of free cultural works licensing. It is not intended for community wide adoption and as an experimental template, it can be deleted at any time. Users experimenting with this template must adhere to all the requirements for free file formats specified below, and the template is used at your own risk in the event that it is discontinued after the experimental testing is completed.

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The following syntax is used for the template:









|Download url=




Specify left or right alignment of the video.


Specify the width of the video in pixels without the suffix "px" e.g. "400". A default width of 320 is used if no width is specified.


Specify the height of the video in pixels without the suffix "px" e.g. "400". A default width of 240 is used if no height is specified.


This is the ID for the video specified in the embed code on the Vimeo, for example: 37933801.


Here you should specify the full URL of the Video location on Vimeo.

The source file must be uploaded to Vimeo. Ideally a copy of the file must also be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons.


Specify the name of the copyright holder of the video

Download url

Specify the full url where the file has been upload, for example "http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:L4C-Introduction-to-What-is-a-Wiki-Tutorial.ogv" This is a requirement to ensure that free software users can view the video without encumbered or non-free codecs, browser plugins etc but also to ensure that a free file version is available for download.


The license must be specified and is determined by the original copyright holder. Only use videos with a CC-BY, or CC-BY-SA license, or those released to the public domain. If it is your own work, you must specify the correct license using the tags provided by Vimeo when uploading the file. Use:

  • CC-BY (case sensitive)
  • CC-BY-SA (case sensitive)
  • PD (case sensitive)


Optional caption text for video container box. Uses normal wiki text.









|Download url=http://vimeo.com/37933801

|Author=University of Southern Queensland


This syntax above will produce:

A free content video streamed from Vimeo
Cc-by new1.svg

University of Southern Queensland.