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A template to obtain properties of named colour themes associated with project task status such as 'done', 'ahead', 'on-track', .... This enables the creation of other templates for table rows (e.g. of project tasks) which may apply a theme. Themes are simply a combination of foreground and background colours, usually for text blocks, titles and borders. They may be extended to cover other presentation attributes.


Use this template to get the attribute (such as background colour, or text colour) for an element (typically a table row, see samples).


{{Task status theme
|name=<name of theme>
|property=<name of property>

Theme names include 'done', 'ahead', 'on-track', 'behind', 'urgent', 'red', 'black', etc.

Properties include: border, background, foreground, titleforeground and titlebackground.

The above returns (usually) a colour for a property. For example

{{Task status theme

returns darkgreen.


  • It would be easier if style sheets could be used for this purpose - but not everyone can create style sheets on the host wiki (access restrictions).
  • Consider returning style properties and using 'style = {{{<required style properties set>}}}; ...' instead of specific attributes.


{{Task status theme
| theme =
| property set = on-track header set <this would include border, background colour, text colour, etc.>


Adapted from Template:Box Theme Attribute which was adapted from from WikiVersity.