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A template to obtain properties of named colour themes for use anywhere. This enables the creation of other templates which may apply a theme. Themes are simply a combination of foreground and background colours, usually for text blocks, titles and borders. They may be extended to cover other presentation attributes.


 {{Box Theme Attribute
 |name=<name of theme>
 |property=<name of property>

Existing theme names, illustrated here, include blacktie, blues, gaia, goldy, greyday, khaki, lite, sandy, sandyblueslate, smart and swiss (at last check 20 Nov 2009).

Properties include: border, background, foreground, titleforeground and titlebackground.

The above returns (usually) a colour for a property. For example

{{Box Theme Attribute

returns orange.


  • It would be easier if style sheets could be used for this purpose - but not everyone can create WikiEducator style sheets (access restrictions).
{{Box Theme Attribute
| theme =
| box attribute =

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