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OLPC Dreikikir Teacher Training.jpg

This is a lesson plan for facilitators of OLPC Oceania trials and roll-outs in the Pacific Islands region, associated with OLPC Australia and OLPC New Zealand. For more information on OLPC Oceania click here. For the full list of lesson plans, click here

This training programme is based on the schedule used in PNG as part of the “8-country trials”. It constitutes the minimum teacher training input recommended. It would be preferable to increase the time allocated to this training substantially. We recommend that even in deployments where only one class is receiving laptops, all the teachers in the school should be trained. (In fact, they will probably demand to be trained!!). In addition, if any education officials are present, they can also be trained at the same time. Feedback: At Drekikir in PNG, the Head Teacher invited his counterparts from two nearby primary schools and the District Education Advisor and District Standards Officer.