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Display the Libre.org version of the Libre emblem indicating that the resource (page, article, slide, book, song, etc.) is a libre resource (i.e. users are free to use, modify and share the resource. The resource must be licensed CC BY, CC BY-SA, or be in the public domain (via CC0, or copyright expired).


This template is likely to change, so be aware that any emblems you put on any pages might change.

Simplest case:

 |<language code>


<language code> - Always the first parameter. If omitted, the text label on the emblem will be "libre". Translations are defined in {{LibreInLang}}.


No parameters


Libre Libre

Language code


ফ্রী ফ্রী

自由 自由

See also

  • {{LibreInLang}} - returns translation of libre in given language.
  • {{LanguageInLang}} - returns name of language in that language given a language code.
  • Samples page - includes list of language codes.

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