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Type {{{type}}}
An Infobox ITS may be used to summarise information about a body, organization, council or other group under the IT@School Project.


This infobox can be added by copying and pasting the template shown below:

Note: Only "name" and "type" are required. All other attributes are optional.

{{Infobox ITS
| name = 
| image = 
| image size = 
| caption = 
| type = 
| acronyms =
| head =
| status = 
| established = 
| website = 
| parent = 
| subsidiaries = 
| commons = 
| footnotes = 
  • name – is the name of the organization
  • image – An image for the organization. Given in the form of "example.jpg". Don't specifiy any size, caption, etc, don't prefix Image: on it, don't put it in tag brackets.
  • caption – a descriptive sentence for the image.
  • type The type of organization, e.g. Principal Organ, Committee, Programme, Fund, Institute, Commission, Office, etc.
  • acronyms Abbreviated names of the organization, e.g. ITSchool, WIPO, etc.
  • head Name(s) of the person(s) occupying the leadership role (head, chair, etc) of the organization.
  • status The status of the organization, e.g. active, inactive, proposed, disbanded, etc.
  • established The year or date that the organization came into being and/or started functioning.
  • website An external link to the official web site of the organization. Please do not link to unofficial sites.
  • parent The name of the parent organization that this organization is a part of, if applicable. Can be a wikilink.
  • subsidiaries The name(s) of the subsidiary organzation(s) of this organization. Can be wikilinks.
  • commons – The name of a category in the Wikimedia Commons that's appropriate for this organization.
  • footnotes – Any additional freeform notes about your project.ml:ഐടി@സ്കൂൾപ്രോജക്ട്