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Hi Krushly, I was not aware that I had changed the above iDevice. I was exploring templates of different iDevices to find out how they were designed. I tried to customise "Reflection2" template to see whether it is possible to design an idevice similar to "Activities" template in order to include a feedback. When I could not succeed, I gave up.

I am very happy that you have noticed it and reverted it. How ever, I am very sorry if I have created any problem to our WE team and the community. Thank you very much for reverting it.

Perhaps, you must be in a good position to help me.

I would like to have an iDevice for "Activities" similar to "Reflection2". It should be in a table format with two columns. Left column to have a short question and the right column to have the answer hidden under a 'button' with a label similar to "Check" or some thing suitable. Do you think you will be able to design one. I feel that it will be a useful pedagogical templte. I think all our colleagues will like it.

Thanks again.