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Getting Started

What is Wikieducator?

Wikieducator is a dedicated global community of scholars, teachers and trainers who are committed to the collaborative authoring / development of open educational resources (OERs). Educators from across the globe are working together to build free OERs that can be used in a variety of teaching situations. These OERs can be re-contextualized and repackaged (outside the WikiEducator development environment) for use in their own teaching and learning situations.

Success Indicators

The success of the free content movement in education will be measured when real students enroll in real programmes using free content.

What is the Strategy for WikiEducator?

Please see the strategy for developing a free version of the educational curriculum by 2015. There are three phases:

Phases Theme Description Date
Phase I Establishing foundations Setting up the technologies and processes to facilitate community development for free content. May 2006 - December 2007
Phase II Scaling up free content development Scaling up the rate and quality of free content development building on Phase 1 foundations. (This includes community development activities with a focus on scalable capacity development.) Jan 2008 - Dec 2008
Phase III Sustainable implementation of free content in education Prioritising activities which implement free content into mainstream educational activities. January 2009 - 2015

Who are WikiEducator Ambassadors?

  • A WikiEducator Ambassador is a person who believes in the value of WikiEducator, and promotes WikiEducator as a platform for free educational resources, collaborative development and global network-building - connected to their own institution, community, peers, or even within their own country. It is a person who shows leadership behaviour, but does not necessarily have to be in a formal leadership position. For more info, click here.

What Communities are Involved in WikiEducator?

There are many communities, stakeholders and strategic partners working towards WikiEducator's success. We are in the process of creating a more intuitive way of identifying, and connecting to them. In the meantime, please see these pages:

What Roles & Opportunities are available in WikiEducator?

There are many roles and opportunities available to help us reach our goal of a free education curriculum for the world by 2015. (i.e., WikiNeighbour, editors, technical help, instructional designer). Please see the following pages for updated information: WikiEducator Roles and WikiEducator Wishlist

What is the WikiEdudator Wishlist?

The WikiEducator Wishlist is a page where you can go to see potential opportunities, and what we need to achieve our goal of a free education curriculum for the world by 2015. Please bookmark this page, add to it, and check it often.

How can I Create Learning Content for WikiEducator?

An excellent place to start are the WikiEducator Newbie tutorials.

1. You can create learning content directly, be entering your lesson plan and activities onto a WikiEducator page. (This requires some knowledge of HTML coding.

2. If you want greater control and flexibility - and want to publish learning content without becoming proficient in HTML or XML markup languages, you can use eXe; a freely-available Open Source authoring application designed to assist teachers and academics in the publishing of web content without the need to become proficient in HTML or XML markup languages.

eXe is Free Software Tool - Specially Designed for Teachers, Educators and Publishers of Learning Content

eXe is a free, open source software application that offers additional flexibility and control for teachers, educators and publishers of learning content. You can download a free copy from the [eXe project website, and install it onto your computer.

eXe enables you to create (offline) eLearning content that can be put up as a web site or imported into a Learning Management System. eXe will also allow you to easily input and configure your learning content and resources for your context, without needing HTML or XML markup skills. This differs from other learning object repositories, where it is difficult to reconfigure the resources for local contexts, and they require more technical knowledge. (For more info, please see the Technical FAQs below.)

How can I Further Develop my Wiki Learning Content Creation Skills?

  • Attend a Learning4Content workshop. Beginning in January 2008, this initiative will span 53 Commonwealth countries, with free workshops focusing on wiki skills development. In order to participate, attendees commit to developing lessons on a topic of their choice, using the WikiEducator development platform.
  • Network with WikiAmbassadors and develop your skills
  • Gain assistance from WikiNeighbours who will help you as you create learning content, whether it's writing text, creating your user page, or simply trying to upload a photo

Technical FAQs

Is WikiEducator a replacement for your Learning Management System (LMS)?

No. WikiEducator is not about duplicating the functionality of existing technologies, or replacing your local LMS. However, by combining the strengths of wiki software, LMSs and eXe, WikiEducator can add value to e-education, and build on the demonstrated strengths of collaborative authoring of open content This content can be packaged and re-contextualised for use within your LMS - using interoperability specifications like IMS and SCORM.

With the eXe tool it is possible to:

  • import learning content from WikiEducator and other MediaWikis (by using the 'wiki article' iDevice from within eXe);
  • adapt and refine the content for your own teaching situation;
  • customise the content by adding your own instructional elements like learning objectives, case studies and certain question types using eXe;
  • export as an IMS/SCORM content package for use in your own LMS.

Is WikiEducator a Wikimedia Foundation project?

No, WikiEducator is not a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikipedia and Wikibooks are examples of Wikimedia Foundation projects. Wikieducator uses the Mediawiki software, the same software used to run Wikimedia Foundation projects.

What is the fundamental component of a WikiEducator "document"?

The foundational element of a wiki is a digital content node that is authored by a community of wiki users. For example:

  • In Wikipedia the foundational document is an encyclopedia article;
  • In Wikibooks, the core document is a text book;
  • In Wikinews, the basic component is a news article.

In WikiEducator the foundational component is a concept which is loosely described as a content component which is inherently understandable. Concepts are the building blocks of instructional content. Concepts can be structured, for example, according to disciplines or the level of the anticipated target audience. Conceivably, an extensive collection of concepts could constitute the material for a course. However, selecting a concept as the core component of a WikiEducator document provides for the flexibility required by educators to utilise Wikieducator resources in their courses. Moreover, this facilitates a range of alternatives for educators to incorporate their own instructional elements into courses.

Can I use articles and content from Wikipedia and Wikibooks in eXe?

Yes. Articles from Wikipedia and Wikibooks can be imported into eXe content packages. Users can then edit and customise the content according to their own needs and add iDevices like learning objectives, case studies and multiple choice questions based on the content from Wikipedia and Wikibooks.

Can I use eXe to author Mediawiki pages?

No. However, you can import articles from Wikipedia and Wikibooks pages using the eXe Wikipedia iDevice. There is also a dedicated Wikieducator iDevice for incorporating content from this wiki site. This enables teachers to customise and recontextualise content for local student needs. Authors using eXe can also export their eLearning packages using the IMS or SCORM export facility for delivery in the Learning Management System of your choice. We are exploring ways in which to improve seemless imports and exports between eXe and Mediawiki software, but the rate of development is determined by user demand and available funding.

Where do I get the free eXe software application?

You can download a copy of the latest version of eXe from the project website.

Download files are hosted on Eduforge.

What Copyright Licensing is in place?

Content on WikiEducator uses the CC-BY-SA license. More information about Creative Commons is available here on Wikipedia.