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(Comment.gif: Thanks for VERIFYING your email address --Randy Fisher 17:06, 16 February 2009 (UTC)!

Next Steps:

  1. "user page"
  2. "discussion"
  3. "edit"
  • Now -- click on the "Edit" TAB (3rd tab on top), and it will open an editing window under the page text.
  • Write some info about yourself. (i.e., About Me, My Interests)
  • Write a brief Summary note at the bottom, where it says "Summary
  • Click "Save"
  • View your page

What Your Facilitator Will Do

  • I will be automatically notified of your changes.
  • When I see them, I will add something to your changes.
  • Then,, you will see my changes...
  • ... and on the fun goes....the cycle of wiki-collaboration!
    • I will also insert an InfoBox on your page, like the one below

Important Notes

  • In future, when you want to "refresh your user page", click on the "User Page" tab (i.e., the first TAB.
  • The editing that you are doing, are the 'basics' of using the Wiki. You can use your new skills to edit ANY page in the wiki.
  • Have Fun - and when in doubt, just ask me for help! That's what I'm here for! Randy Fisher 17:18, 16 February 2009 (UTC)
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