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Principle EXPLORE Student experience LEARN Moodle functions APPLY Development/ reflection
1. encourage student-faculty contact Introductions, Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education & Moodle Tour, ROLES, PROFILE, RESOURCES, NEWS Instruction, Individual learning support one-on-one
2. encourage cooperation among students Discussions, messages, collaborative learning FORUM Student-student interaction, Collaboration, Knowledge building
3. encourage active/engaged learning Project based learning, course objectives, outcomes ASSIGNMENT, CHOICE Personal experience, Participation
4. give prompt feedback Self-grading quizzes, comments and annotated assignments, chat QUIZ, QUESTIONS, QUIZ test options Assessment / evaluation
5. emphasize time on task Research, collaboration, presentation, wikis GRADES, SCALES, BLOG, WIKI, BOOK Activities, Resources
6. communicate high expectations Evaluation, communication, modeling STUDENTS posts, activity, GROUPS, FILES, SETTINGS Framework, Model behavior
7. respect diverse talents and ways of learning Learning styles, modality, cultural influence REPORTS, BACKUP Disabilities, adaptive technology, ADA 508 requirements, Media, Alternative learning
Professional development Student view, participate in learning activities Instructor view, apply technology to learning Beyond technology comfort zone, course evaluation checklist