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Why use an LMS?

I don't see why the LMS is needed. Or as the primary vehicle for elearning... I can certainly see the use of a communication channel to support socially constructed learning, but I don't think that the use of Moodle helps with that. At the most, I think the Moodle platform should be an optional extra if people who are self pacing through the tutorial need interaction. At the moment, Moodle is presented up front as the first step to take before getting into the content, where as self paced is a poor cousin. Perhaps Moodle should be one of a few options at the end of each tutorial. EG "do you want more on this? Try the Instant Message channel where you can talk with others instantly, or join login to the elearning platform and learn more about this topic there..." or something like that. This is a soft suggestion and I could swing around on it. My main thinking is that the self paced nature of the resources should be stand alone, and not to risk confusion in another environment agian like an LMS. --Leighblackall 06:51, 16 March 2007 (CET)

Leigh, I totally agree. I don't think that using Moodle has been all that successful so far, and i'd prefer to perhaps swing most of the activities towards using the Talk pages and Watchlists. Many of the participants have had a confusing time just seeing what the difference was between the two platforms and it was confusing in the end. I'd prefer more talk on a kind of 'talk page ettiquete'. Talk pages can also periodically be archived to that people can if they want take a look at the history of the discussion that has gone on. Over time this could be a valuable part of the content itself. brent 07:58, 16 March 2007 (CET)
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