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Suggestions for Intermediate level tutorials

These are tutorials that have been suggested by participants in the pilot testing phase of the Newbie Tutorials.

Suggestions for other tutorials

Archive for Pilots

Pilot testing and review of the materials

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The pilot offering, predominantly to COL staff will:
  • Identify opportunities for improving the resources;
  • Identify the questions that participants are most likely to ask for inclusion in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of each tutorial
  • Provide the skills necessary for incorporating WikiEducator into programme work.

Getting started

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This tutorial is designed for the eLearning version of the Newbie tutorials and will:
  1. Show you how to register an account on the Moodle learning management system;
  2. Explain important features and links associated with the student view of the course;
  3. Show you how to navigate through a Newbie tutorial.

How do you create a new page in the wiki?

The subject line speaks for itself.

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