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Geoff Hulme says: "We need as soon as possible a guide to OERs geared to the circumstances of Low income Developing Countries (LDCs). This needs to have a good sample of materials that are:

  • reliably up and running and accessible in Africa (no "site under revision"),
  • self-contained (no slides missing),
  • of an appropriate and defined standard,
  • on a topic that is widely taught in LDCs.

In my admittedly limited experience of exploring repositories, teachers need a lot of time and energy to find stuff that meets these requirements and which they can easily and quickly test out in their teaching. LDC teachers are seldom so blessed and they need a reliable tasting menu which they can readily use."


  • Phase 1: Identify and prioritise topics that are widely taught in LDCs. Involve local communities
  • Phase 2: Search and identify the availability of existing free content that can be modified and improved for the OER toolkit for LDCs
  • Phase 3: Develop quality standards for the toolkit, including the formats in which materials will be packaged
  • Phase 4: Reconfigure resources to meet defined quality standards
  • Phase 5: Design and develop advocacy and communication strategy including free content resources to promote the materials
  • Phase 6: Package materials for developmental testing
  • Phase 7: Implement quality improvements identified during pilot testing
  • Phase 8" Final release of materials.

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