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These are archived Talk pages from January - March 2007.


Two assignments are required:

  1. Development of a user page biography (including an image, internal and external links and formatted text);
  2. Development of a free content lesson of approximately 30 minutes learning time (including structure, pedagogical templates and learner activities.)

A scaffolding approach is used whereby participants progress towards the attainment of these outcomes as each tutorial is completed.

Pedagogical and project specifications

General project specifications:

  1. The development of the tutorials on Wikieducator, in accordance with the tutorial specifactions below.
  2. Each tutorial must be converted into eXe format with the .elp file uploaded on WikiEducator as a resource file
  3. The creation of a Moodle course where the learning materials are referenced as as an external website.
  4. Creating a CDROM image of the Newbie tutorials created in eXe which can be downloaded and distributed off line on a standalone desktop.

Each tutorial must:

  • Not require more than 15 - 20 minutes learning time
  • Specify the learning objectives / outcomes for the tutorial
  • Include a motivational audio message of maximum 2 minutes to establish rapport, provide and overview of the tutorial and why the relevant skills are important. The audio must be scripted to facilitate recording of different accents and translations. The audio transcript will be uploaded as a resource on the wiki. (I think that it is better to have a personal introduction from users from around the world - rather than replicate content of the tutorial - see below --Mackiwg 01:09, 25 December 2006 (CET) )
  • include images, photos and graphics where appropriate to enhance the presentation of the tutorials.
  • be subdivided into logical subsections to facilitate conversion for eXe. The .elp files for each tutorial will be upload onto Wikieducator.
  • incorporate screen movies where appropriate, (mp3 files and transcripts must be made available independently of the compiled screen movie to facilitate modifications in the future.)
  • Embed Wikieducator pedagogical templates ("idevices") to distinguish the "instructional voice" from the content
  • Include activities for learner engagement. We envisage two types of activity: (1) Student-content interactions for independent study (2) Student-Student and Student-Facilitator interactions for the LMS delivery alternative.
  • Include elements to add value to the learning experience, eg Useful tip or short text interview and photo with famous Wikipedian.
  • Incorporate activities that contribute to the two main assignments.
  • Conclude with a FAQs and Links/Resources section.

Audio messages for Tutorials

We aim to introduce the diversity of the WikiEducator community using a short audio message from WikiEducator users around the world. The idea is to make a personal connection with users. Each audio will include a conceptual link to the tutorial concerned. Tentative allocation of audio clips per tutorial:

  • Tut 1: Introducing wikis - Sir John Daniel, Canada & UK?
  • Tut 2: Creating an account - Wayne Mackintosh, NZ & SA
  • Tut 3: Editing basics - Brent Simpson, NZ
  • Tut 4: Basic text formatting - Nicholas Kimolo, Kenya?
  • Tut 5: New Pages and Links - Philip Serracino Inglott, Malta
  • Tut 6: Images and media - Elia Grant-Fraser, Trinidad & Tobago?
  • Tut 7: Collaborative editing - Sandhya Gunness, Mauritius?
  • Tut 8: Communication and interaction -Samuelu Faalafi, Samoa?
  • Tut 9: Thinking about structure - Erik Moeller, Germany?
  • Tut 10: Pedagogical templates - Helena Mill, NZ?

Helena, Brent

The tuts are developing nicely. To avoid re-doing work I'd like us to design activities in a way that contributes to a finished product - something that the users create while working through the tuts. I see the tuts being used by two main groups:

  1. A self study group that want to learn the basics of wiki editing - for this group the collective output of activities should be a completed personal profile on their respective user page. This page should demonstrate "mastery" of the key formating features, for instance:
    • Headings and subheadings
    • Bold and italics in the text
    • Numbered or bullet list
    • An image with a caption (can be thumb or framed).
  2. The second group will be teachers and educators who will be developing a free content lesson in the subject area of their choice. This could be broken down into sub-component parts:
    • Creating a new page for the lesson node (homepage for the lesson)
    • Thinking about structure for the lesson - i.e. its sub-pages
    • Developing the objectives for the lesson and using the Objective template.
    • Designing activities for the lesson.

I suspect that the activities for the 2nd group will be more appropriate toward the end of the tutorials - take a look and see what you think. --Mackiwg 21:53, 29 December 2006 (CET)

Another thought - All activities (other than editing on the user page) can be done on - the whole wiki will be used as practice area - this will help us with maintenance on WikiEducator. --Mackiwg 22:56, 29 December 2006 (CET)

One problem i see with using the talo wiki is that it's actually on a completely different wiki so users would actually have to have an account on that page as well to do things like create new pages, etc. Perhaps we can just setup a sandbox that is part of the tutorial as well as having users work mostly on their User pages? thoughts. brent 23:35, 2 January 2007 (CET)

We've set up both wiki's to use the same login database - so users can use the accounts for both the talo wiki and WikiEducator. I agree that we should try to do most editing activities on the User pages - but am concerned about activities where users create new pages - I don't have the resources to manage/delete stub practice pages. Sandbox is fine - but can create problems for new users if the tutorials are used in a f-t-f workshop with 30 participants all trying to edit the same page simultaneously! Mediwiki's edit conflict pages can be confusing. Also when folk are practicing the syntax for new pages it will be difficult to keep this contained within one wiki space. --Mackiwg 18:24, 4 January 2007 (CET)

To do list for Moodle go live on 12 Feb Vancouver time

We will be running a user testing version of the tutorials with COL staff starting 12 Feb 2007, Vancouver time.

These are the tasks which must be completed by Friday 9 Feb Vancouver time (i.e. Saturday 10 Feb, 18:00 - NZ time).

  1. Uploading of screen movies - recognizing that audio is not required for all screen movies, and should only be used when this adds value. Text bubbles are appropriate for these tutorials. Also - studio quality audio is not necessary for these files. Status: In progress
  2. Uploading of the course on Moodle. Generic format is:
    • Brief intro with reference to required outputs for the tut concerned
    • Link to relevant tutorial on Wikieducator Status: Compete
    • Engaging discussions - "Status": see below
    • Assignments - remember the main output is for the user to have completed a pretty smart user page incorporating the skills learned.
  3. Once the screen movies have been uploaded - each activity in Wikieducator should link to the relevant show me how page with the screen movie(s) where appropriate. Status: to do
  4. Run a final check to ensure that the objectives are aligned with what is covered in the tutorial. Status: Unsure
  5. Each tutorial must have a FAQ subsection - however, we will use the pilot testing with COL staff as the basis for identifying FAQs.
    • Check that each tut has a sub-heading "Frequently asked questions (FAQs)" with at least one bullet stating "Add your questions below"
  6. Brent and Helena to add a short MP3 to a tut of their choice Status: Helena's MP3 done
  7. Each tutorial on Moodle must have an activity, either
    • An engaging discussion - see example Tuts on Free content and What is a Wiki - the kinds of things educators love to talk about. We shouldn't force this - I can't think of engaging discussion on bold and italics.
    • For tuts that don't have an engaging discussion - perhaps a short quiz - that's meaningful rather than testing knowledge. See for example the Tut on Creating an account. Status: To do
    • NB - for all activites (i.e discussions and/or quiz) - we must have the corresponding activity in the WikiTut using the pedagogical templates.
  8. The final bit is a Getting started with Moodle, which we should develop on WikiEducator. I thinking a very short dummy's guide to getting started on Moodle.
    • Screenshot of the login page and list of instructions to creating a guest login account
    • A generic screen shot showing the Moodle course layout with labels pointing out the main features
    • A screen shot of the tutorial page in a frame with labels pointing out the Moodle breadcrumb & fact that the content in the frame is an external website - so you need to log in again when editing on WikiEducator

That's all I can think of folks --Mackiwg 05:26, 9 February 2007 (CET)

PS - I'll get the tut on free content finished <smile> --Mackiwg 03:19, 5 February 2007 (CET) Status: Completed

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