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The result of following the reccomendation is horrid! Just look at the wikitext of VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship and the name of the page VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Marketing the Business/Defining Target Market/Opportunities and Threats Ugh!

For Pages like VUSSC/Content/Entrepreneurship/Starting Up a Business/Introduction I put them in a ctegory But the reslts are also awful!

My sugestion is that since Course names are pretty unique one node is crated for each course (no matter what programme they belong to) Then all the content goes under that node on one level) Of course more advanced wiki users could go deeper if they know what they are dooing.

All other groupings occour through Categories and through special pages which simply link to all the right bits maybe even transcluding other bits. We might consider creating a w:namespace for these pages which have no content of their own but simply bring bits together from other nodes.

This would mean that we would Either create a course node for each chapter (so Each has only 1 Introduction sub-page) or crate a 1 page Introduction whose sub-pages are the various introductions of each chapter. The latter might not make immediate hierarchical sense but this is not an issue, as the hierarchichal nature of the course will emerge from a comletly seperate page which would not even be a sub page of the content.

The general point is that the content should be made up of a bunch of small pages floating in the wikispace. the Course qua Course would simply be a Specific page (maybe with subpages) that transcludes and links to the other tiny bits. The effect is that one could easly build two version of almost identical courses but for one or two specific bits. aslo one could use bits of completly seperate courses within different programmes.

--Phsi 09:07, 23 August 2006 (CEST)

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