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Accreditation of ODL - This seems like a difficult topic. I found some information at the following site: --Augustmoon 04:56, 21 March 2007 (CET)

Overall Comment

This group has to be commended for the identification of pertinent issues


In every presentation an introdution is an important aspect because it details the purpose and objectives of the overall presentation.

We wish to encourage you to ensure that the listed topics corresponds to the content. For example, Special Education needs.

Quality Issues

As a group we agree that the issue of quality assurance is vital to the overall structure and we agree that the positioning of this topic as the first is indeed a wondereful idea.

The further reading links is a substantial one. Perhaps the section could be condensed by having the reader only directed to the links.

It is important that the reading be done inorder to achieve the objective and complete the activity.

Accredidation of ODL

Once again we note the care taken in including all pertinent issues for this area of the workshop and we recognize this is indeed a work in progress.

Intellectual Property Rights

Wow! What an appropriate diagram. It illustrates the attention to details taken in finding appropriate graphics for the section.

The captioning is a good one but still we as a groupfelt this could have been improved upon by using the name "The Justice Scale".

Cost effectiveness and Relevance

A suggestion to the topic could be "Cost effectiveness and efficiency"

Special Educational Needs

Well done! --Charlesmcsweeney 05:22, 21 March 2007 (CET)[Charles, Lydia, Jerry, Maria]

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