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The paper112:16, 28 March 2008
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Hi - just a few notes on the paper I am composing for the conference. It is in the form of a case study so rather than you editing things for me it would be great to see some constructive comments or suggestions.

Hillarypjenkins (talk)16:52, 24 February 2008
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I work at the Otago Polytechnic as a research teaching assistant and digital literacy support to staff. I am participating in the [design for flexible learning practice] course delivered by my colleages in the educational development centre and wikieducator.

I am presently collaborating with Hillary on the conference paper researching writing about Intellectual Property in the What to use?and sourcing literature generally for referencing.

Despite a relatively small splash this policy change has made, there are already many signals that strategic planning will in time be implemented throughout the organisation to provide staff training and multimedia literacy and support. Polytechnic reinstated a staff training department as an Educational Development Centre to train staff in flexible digital multimedia programme development, and to promote and to maintain quality of content.

deleted 20.03 use as introd EDC

The scale of Web 2.0 developments is very challenging to institutional learning and highly likely to compromise quality of courses, some more than others.(References) For some teachers it must feel a exponentially unmanageble -on a global scale as well as i.e. inter-departmental, inter-organisationally. Collaborative flexible teaching innovations will evolve way beyond the English speakers in the Commonwealth of Learning. Now there are courses published in blogs and collaborative course development on Wikis there may be no going back

removed 20.03 use in conclusion ?

To do list

Hillary - complete quality and what to use (expand the heading) take out list and put into paragraphs. Take some quotes from Robin Day interview and from quaity text. Finish references. Complete community of learning. Conclusion and recommendations. Get Jan to proof read.

Susan - IP needs to be completed by 11am Friday. References checked and any put in reference list.

Hi Hillary IVE DONE GONE AND EDITED the BACKGROUND section ! last edit 12.15 fingers crossed.

Susane (talk)12:17, 18 March 2008

«Editing IP copyright section Creative commons share alike»

Hi Hillary I last editied this page at 12.15am. Will garner more references for Monday

Susane (talk)15:58, 27 March 2008