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My sandbox music publications To do list

Activity 1) done 11.04.08 Create a new subpage from your User page. (You should already have a subpage called "Sandbox", which we created in a previous activity).

   * Navigate to your user page by clicking on your username at the top of this page;
   * edit your user page and add a link for a useful subpage for your own context, for example:
         o publications like this: publications or List of publications;
         o upcoming assignments, like this: Assignments or Upcoming Assignments
         o To do list, like this: To do list 
   * after saving your user page, the sub-page link you have just created should appear as a red-link, indicating a new page without content
   * click on this link and add new content for your sub-page.
   * click save.

Activity 2) done 14.04.08

TO DO list

Keep in touch with learning supports

  1. Wikied tutorials
  2. DFLP look for loose ends in communication threads
  3. sound tracks
    • internetarchive
  4. Blogger reactivate audio blog in blogger audio image text
    • simplify and priortise what to post#*try to write a blog at one sitting to begin with
  5. Audio recordings
    • contact Daemon Knight
    • blog about audio
    • subscribe to audio blogs WIRED, Sue Waters,

Activity 3)

IMAGES and MEDIA Africa reflection.jpg


Creative Commons makes it flow.
this is my first embeding and thumbnail.

right aligned media:tarbaby.pdf

activity 4

[/subPages/] sub pages Making Subpages

If you wanted to create a subpage called Tiger from the parent page called Big Cats you would:

 1. make sure you are on the parent page node, in this example Big Cats, then
 2. create a new wiki page in the normal way by using the two square brackets but precede the new page name with a slash ("/"). For example: 


This will display the link with the slash ("/") like this: /Tiger, which may be a bit confusing to some readers.

There are two ways you can fix this. Either

 1. Add an extra slash: Tiger at the end of your link (which "tells" the wiki software not to display the preceding slash) or
 2. create a piped link, for example: Tiger. This is useful when the page link contains a number of slash arguments, or you want to display a more descriptive title to the user. Both of these methods will result in a link like this: 


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