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Desktop research questions

  1. What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with adopting Microformats as a way to describe recurring content elements in eXe?
  2. What use case scenarios would illustrate the potential of Microformats for eXe?
  3. Are there any competing tagging systems that could be considered?
  4. What is the overlap or potential to build on the work of IMS specifications in relation to Microformats.
  5. How will microformats facilitate import and export of open content using wikis?
  6. What are the implications for the eXe project should microformats be implemented?
  7. What are the requirements/ specifications for the implementation of microformats in eXe?
  8. What other alternatives could be considered for achieving a successful import/export solution between Mediawiki and eXe content?

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