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I have looked at the section presented on leadership and I would suggest that the following self-test be entered as one of the activities.

What qualities do I have which can identify me as a leader? The selection from the following can be listed or circled: Punctual, regular at work, honest, hardworking, empathetic, courteous have integrity, can identify areas in which I can enhance the development of those I lead, have communication skills, knows when to pass on the baton of leadership, respectful, can net-work, can identify the strengths in others in order to place them in their correct roles,can mobilize people for the common good.

The second activity can be in the form of an assigment:

Identify and research the life of a famous leader who did something positive for his country.

The third assigment would require the participant to write a biography of himself/herself identifying his/her strengths and give an example of any leadership[ role he/she has played in the past.

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