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Hi Michelle, I responded to your lines below, with some stuff (whatever is in bold print) but have not seen any response. What's happening? Hope to hear from you guys soon. I did an introduction to the piece on "Public Speaking" Please read on the correct page. The headings on that page (re. Public Speaking) need some work... Talk soon. Betty

What is Public Speaking ? (? Is it also the process of preparing and delivering an address.........) This is delivering an address to a public audience in a structed, dileberate manner. It is a form of communication; (during which speaker seeks to ....) that adds to the knowledge of the listeners.

There are five basic elements,often expressed as

  • 'who is saying ... the speaker
  • what ... the message
  • to whom ... the listener
  • ulitizing what medium ...
  • with what effects ... 'the purpose ???

Public speaking skills can be learned.

Skills Required

  • A good speaker will be organized and
  • have the confidence to present the substance of the speech to an audience.
  • Being able to speak effectively is a valuable skill.

Feeling some nervousness before giving a speech is natural and healthy. ???It shows you care much nervousness can be detrimental. sorry I did not answer I am very business but will continue soon Michele

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