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Query about reference012:36, 17 June 2013
Studydesk Link110:53, 24 April 2013
Cultural competence110:51, 24 April 2013

Query about reference

Hi Helen I am not sure if this reference should be here: the Innovation and Business Skills Australia. Free resources . I also don't see much value in the article - Atherton J S (2011) Doceo; Theory of theory.

Bronwyn Hegarty (talk)12:25, 17 June 2013

Studydesk Link

The studydesk link is still going to Foundation Skills, not Learning and Teaching in Practice

HelenL (talk)17:36, 18 April 2013

Fixed. Great!

HelenL (talk)10:53, 24 April 2013

Cultural competence

..."much (probably most, on a purely quantitative basis) of the writing on the subject constitutes the largest body of self-serving, obscurantist,pretentious bovine excrementto sully academic discourse since the gnostics or the alchemists"

I'm not sure this is appropriate especially since we have Indian students!

Tmarler (talk)12:43, 22 April 2013

You are right Terry, I didn't expect this to survive the final cut.

HelenL (talk)10:51, 24 April 2013