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Definition of Youth223:12, 14 February 2011
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Definition of Youth

Dear participants, as you come to this training, You all have different way of defining youth. I would ask you to share your own defination of The youth.

In your own words, who is a youth?

Tandeo2011 (talk)01:44, 14 February 2011

Hi Andrew Tandeo,


Youth is defined as aged from 15 to 35yrs My Name is Rodgers Mulenga am a trainer /Administrator at the Chawama Youth Project --RABROD 09:59, 14 February 2011 (UTC)

RABROD (talk)22:59, 14 February 2011

Hello Mr. Tandeo,

In my own words , a youth is an individual who is at the age of transition from teenage years to adulthood, or transition from a state of being dependent on others to independence. It’s an age characterized by high levels of energy, resourcefulness and innovation. At this age the individual is courageous, filled with hope, dreams and aspirations for the future.

--Shining Star 10:12, 14 February 2011 (UTC)

Shining Star (talk)23:12, 14 February 2011

Introduction of Mr. Andrew Tandeo

Hi participants! My full names are Andrew Tandeo. Iam a youth practioner,trainer, researcher and consultant. I have five years experience in youth development both at management and administration, and programme Levels.

As we roll out the online training tomorow, I will be your abled facilitator on Youth Development Practice.

Till tomorow I wish you the best in our two days sessions On this interesting topic.

Andrew Tandeo

Tandeo2011 (talk)01:18, 14 February 2011

Hi! I don't know whether this is the write page to write on , Just wanted say

My Name is Koziba Malibala from Botswana .

Help me out to be on the discussion .

Tinashe (talk)22:38, 31 January 2011

Welcome Koziba. What are your views about the training so far?

Victor.mensah (talk)02:04, 12 February 2011

Site Development

Kindly give your feedback and comments here concerning the development of this site.

--Victor P. K. Mensah 12:37, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

Victor.mensah (talk)01:37, 27 August 2010