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Libre protocols011:04, 29 March 2012
What needs to be done on WikiEducator to clean up our act on free file formats?013:29, 8 November 2010
Open editable format?111:02, 11 May 2010

Libre protocols

Perhaps add or create a separate page on libre protocols - like libre file formats their specifications are available and everyone is free to implement them in free software. The FSF avoids the term "standard" as the principle applies to all formats and protocols, whether they are standards or not.

KTucker (talk)11:04, 29 March 2012

What needs to be done on WikiEducator to clean up our act on free file formats?

Please add:

  • Replace all embedded media that are not in free file formats.
  • Implement a really good set of templates and tools to make it easier for users.
  • ...
KTucker (talk)13:29, 8 November 2010

Open editable format?

Newbie question: what is the best open/free editable/lossless file format for video? OGG gets mentioned, but that seems to be just a container. what format is Kaltura's "native" format, and is it open/free?

Bnardone (talk)04:33, 26 December 2009

Theora is highly regarded, but lossy. If you have found the answer after all this time, please let us know?

My very vague understanding is that Kaltura uses an XML representation of video (and other media) components and associated descriptive data which can be played as a video (etc.). Kaltura Community Edition is licensed GNU Affero General Public License v3 which means that all the code using that format is freely available. So, I guess it must be at least partially open (??). This API documentation page might help clarify the format. The Kaltura Terms of Use might clarify other issues. - Kim Tucker 22:02, 10 May 2010 (UTC)

KTucker (talk)11:02, 11 May 2010