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Please add and improve the following with reference to the guidelines under development. Focus on user goals and avoid saying too much about the user interface at this stage (good practice :-).

Embed a media file I have composed

Primary Actor: Educator (logged in and busy composing a learning resource)

While editing a page, the educator indicates intention to embed a media file. The system prompts for:

  • file location on educator's PC or the web (user will indicate the former in this case)
  • meta-data: copyright owner (default: user), license, attributions, ...

and when all data entered seems valid, acceptable (e.g. appropriate license) and complete, uploads the file, converts it into a free file format (if not already in such a format) and inserts a link to it. The file will be flagged as awaiting moderation.

Embed a media file I have found

Primary Actor: Educator (logged in and busy composing a learning resource)

While editing a page, the educator indicates intention to embed a media file. The system prompts for the file location on educator's PC or the web (educator will indicate the latter in this case) and processes the request as follows:

obtain required metadata on the resource from the host server
if license not auto-detected, ask the user
if license compatible
if the file is hosted on an approved host/server
store the resource's URL
import any metadata available from the host
else (file not on a trusted server)
automatically transfer the file along with its metadata to a trusted server
if not already in a free file format
convert it to a free file format
store the resource's new URL
open metadata editor
the user now enters any additional metadata (e.g. that cannot be auto-detected: copyright owner, license, attributions, ...)
the system performs simple checks on whether the data entered is valid, acceptable (e.g. appropriate license) and complete before accepting the user's responses
flag the file as awaiting moderation
inform the user that the resource is subject to moderation
embed the resource on the page and return the educator to editor
else (license not compatible)
inform user and return to editor

Report a media file

Primary Actor: Any user of WikiEducator (including those acting as moderators of media files)

While browsing learning resources a learner/educator/moderator notices a media file with offensive content and reports it (e.g. via a "report this" link).

The system prompts the user for reasons, adds the incident to a list (e.g.) on a special wiki page and e-mails the relevant moderators (or moderator group). Members of this group respond according to the guidelines above.

Related use cases: "Block Offensive Media File" (below)

Block Offensive Media File

Primary Actor: Media Moderator

Triggers: Moderator sees an offensive media file. A user e-mailed the moderator. The file appeared on the "awaiting moderation" list just after upload or embedding.

Mark the file as blocked and inform (e-mail) the user who uploaded the file.

Pages linking to that file with now show "blocked resource + reason it was blocked".

Approve Uploaded Media File

Primary Actor: Media Moderator

While browsing the "awaiting moderation" media files, moderator(s) deem one acceptable, mark it "accepted". The file nolonger appears on the "awaiting moderation" list.

System logs moderator, file accepted, etc.


Browser does not support free file format

Primary actor: user of a browser which does not natively support the free file format

WikiEducator only embeds resources in free file formats and advises users of IE (and other browsers which don't support the relevant free file formats) of required plugins or conversion software.

HTML5 may circumvent this issue, but until then ...

The media file does not show. The browser may indicate that additional plugins are needed to view the resource. WE indicates where the relevant (FLOSS) plugin(s) may be found.

For example, for ogg theora see list on Wikipedia.

Cleanup WikiEducator Media Repository

Primary actor: WikiEducator administrator

Convert all media files in non-free file formats in the WikiEducator repository to free file formats and automatically adjust all relevant media links on WE pages that link to those files. The resulting (affected) pages will be in accordance with the other guidelines above. For example, users with browsers not supporting free file formats will be directed to appropriate free software browser plugins (typically a once off one-click install) to be able to view (or otherwise experience) the media resources.

Technically, this is a batch-mode conversion using the same utilities that will be used for the on-the-fly conversions in the relevant use cases above.

Additional Features

The following ideas were gleaned from the discussions and post-meeting thoughts. Please add/edit.

  • Accessibility: each media file should include a link to a transcript, description and/or other representation, tools (e.g. for sub-titling) and guidelines (e.g.) to render the media file accessible to all and encourage the WikiEducator community to participate. (sparked by)
    • See Universal Subtitles for one approach to doing this with community participation using AGPL licensed software.
  • Syndication (RSS, Atom, ...) and other resources: the above has focused on media files. Similar principles will need to be applied to other resources such as RSS and other web services. For RSS (and syndication in general) see Creative Commons Wiki on Syndication.
  • Meta-data check: when embedding a media file from a third party site, record date of captured meta-data and cross-check with original meta-data from time to time. Decide on actions for specific changes (e.g. attribution, license, ...).