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Should we have regional chapters from other parts of the developing world?

FLOSS4Edu is an initiative pioneered by Africa. It is appropriate that the nexus of this project has emerged from Africa. FLOSS4Edu has an unashamed focus on learning for development - and in my view this should be the primary driver underpinning our collaborative work. An open question:

How do members feel about FLOSS4Edu chapters for other developing regions of the world joining our work? I think that there are potentially benefits of collaborating on the "infrastructure" challenges - for example software refinements of Mediawiki software to address the our education needs. Working together on infrastructure - we can achieve so much more.

Regional chapters can prioritize content development needs. We're very fortunate that free content provides us with the freedoms to adapt and modify without restriction! I'd be keen to here the thought of current members of the FLOSS4Edu project on the establishment of regional chapters from other parts of the developing world. Just add your thoughts to this page. --Mackiwg 21:58, 27 January 2007 (CET)

Wayne: I think that Nicolas' report on the Ghana workshop shows quite definitively that this can work. Leveraging the benefits of social and educational networks through the power of this software and the Free Software/Content movement is hardly a question worth contemplating, it is just one worth acting on. :-) brent 09:53, 30 January 2007 (CET)
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